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The movie Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 Movie titled “Tron”. In the original movie, a computer software engineer, named Kevin Flynn,  is accidentally transported inside a computer. He is completely digitized and forced to participate in games on the digital world, and his mission trying to outsmart and escape the Master Control Program and return back to the real world so that he can prove that his program designs had been stolen.

Tron Movie poster 1982

In the sequel Tron Legacy (2010),  Kevin Flynn has disappeared and his son, Sam Flynn, discovers a secret signal from a mysterious digital realm that serves as a clue from where his father could be.  Deciding to go search for his father, Sam accidentally finds himself actually inside the digital world. Now racing against the clock, Sam begins his search for his father while finding himself against the programs inside the cyber universe. Along with a friendly ISO program named Quorra, Sam Flynn embarks on personal journey to save his father.

Tron Legacy
Tron 2010 poster

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