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Favorite Quotes and Movies

Quote #1

One of my favorite quotes from a kid was made by Crush.

" 'Cause we were like, "woaaaah.", and I was like, "woaaaah." and you were like, "woaaahh..." " -- Crush, Finding Nemo

Though I don't use this quote all the time and needs the proper setting its funny when it fits. This quote is used more in forums and random reaction posts. This movie can teach you a lot. The funny things are what kept this movie great and simple lines like this make it that much better adding comedy to something scary to make it a relief. Finding Nemo was a amazing movie. Actually this movie came out on May 30th, 2003. Which is my birthday. I turned 11 that day and we rented the first showing at one of the theaters for me and a bunch of school friends.

Quote #2

Coming into number 2.

" Warriors, Come Out To Play " -- Luther, The Warriors

I use this quote a lot. The only difference is, I don't use Warriors For my dog, I'll say Harley, Come out to plaaaayyyyy a couple times while he comes running. All I need is a couple of glass bottles. This quote is great for when I'm playing a Free for All with my friends and they want to be cowards and hide. There are plenty of great times to use this.

Quote #3

Last but, most cirtiantly not least, and probably my most used quote.

" Time is money, friend " -- Goblins, World of Warcraft

Though the original quote is from Benjamin Franklin, World of warcraft gave this quote to the goblin race. Time is money just adding , friend. Which I liked more, because you get more of a get to the point vibe from it. Even though thats the point of the original quote. The goblins are a money making race when back in the day. They were the bankers, auctioneers and trading goods in the game For the Horde. -- Horde(team red), World of Warcraft


My favorite movie would easiley be John Wick. Keanu Reeves is an exellent actor when it comes to action. I will say what helps his case the most, is the silence and crazy action in the movie. For some reason, he is just better when he doesn't talk a lot unless hes pissed off. Watch The Matrix if you want to know what I'm talking about. HAHA.

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