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This is what I have learned this semester in FTP.


Good morning, evening, or whatever time it is. My name is Brian Huddleston. On this page I will be sharing with you what I learned in CI_147_700 over the last couple of months. It has been an interesting ride for me as I have done HTML in the past but never really learned CSS besides editing what I wanted in or out. Like writing this page and having all the real coding elsewhere. With all the fancy things included in that seperate page.


This is where things really start for me. It was relearning the basics pretty much from scratch. I learned most of my HTML through the days of Myspace. Where if you wanted a cool page you used a generator to make the pages for you. I did that for a little and noticed small things I didn't like. Example: a hyperlink back to where it came from or a promotional stamp. So I dug through the code and figured out how to delete what I didn't like. Well coming with that was learning how to put in what was to replace it. Eventually digging around lead me to making my own. To bad the code isn't there anymore on myspace. Thats probably a good thing for me though. Since no one needs to see that. I learned how to insert images |img src="https:/ style="width:123;height:789;"| create hyperlinks and a lot more. Which was strange because I spent more time coding my page than actually using Myspace. Google was my best friend. Still is for a lot of things. Want to know something use google. It has the answer barried somewhere. HAHA thats what I'm pretty much paid for. If their is a error if I don't know it off the top of my head. Google, find solution, implement, and restart the application. You can bet I used google and Khan to get this assignment done to how I want it. Simple with some flavor. Though I know most wouldn't like it due to the minty scene I went with, but thats okay with me. I used my knowlegde from Myspace when I was in middle school and high school for a self buisness I did. Mantinance and IT for small companies. I enjoyed doing this a lot. Plus it let me feed my habbits and hobbies. Anyway, about 2 years ago is when I was diagnosed with epilepsy in my temporal lobe. So a lot of the past is gone. So here I am to relearn what I have forgotten.

Explaining the course

From somewhat of a bias opinion, this class was quite easy to do. If you have the time and know some other coding, this should be a breeze. You would not have any issues taking this class. It has been a great refresher for me to understand all the little things and learn a lot more. This is the first stop into CSS, their is much more to gain and im sure I'll be spending a good portion of time doing this now. If you want to get into web design I recommend taking this. It will help get you off your feet and show you the basics and how to bring stylesheets into play so your html page isnt a mess in the style section like this currently is while editing it. My explination of this class is if you want to get started start here. Explaining has never been my strong suit. Your better off asking me to show you how. Which for some reason I can explain while I'm doing it. Putting me on spot with now tools or keyboard. Thats where you get me.

Something new

Right now was probably not the absolute best time to take this class, but I needed something new to do. As a networking and IT person. I spend a crap ton of time on my computers, home network and servers. Which to keep up-to-date is extremely expensive. So I figured it was time to get into something that won't be burning a hole in my pocket since I alreadyhave the domain registered and a server to smack it on at home. So what the hell, lets learn HTML again and CSS to go along with it. I have to admit as things came back to me through this course. There was a lot I didn't know. How to add styles outside of the main page. To adding a scrolling box and making it the size I wanted and hell slap a background image into it. I will admit I wouldn't do that anyway since im not a fan of small scrolling boxes. It's nice to know I have the option if I want it though. Learning the power of margins, borders and padding has been extremely helpful as well. My biggest challenge through all of this has been getting the stylesheet to work. I wrote all of the style within page at the top and moving it over to .css when I get it to work.... and fixed. Last thing I did.

What I plan to do

Plans for the future. Cyber security / data analysis is my goal in life. I whitehat is what i want. Knowing as much as I can is the only way. It's all data. From the page its self to every 'bit' inside the code. It is all data and knowing how to see it in different ways is the way you win the game. To be good at the job you have to think outside the box. See things from different points of view and know the different way to break in so you can prevent it. I do have VMs for simulating a lot of this and hackthebox has been fun for this in the past also. Only way to join hackthebox is to hack it. Which is a brillent way to implement it. As it's a website you have to read the HTML code to get started. This is what got me interested into getting back into HTML.

About Me

I'm Brian Huddleston.
I have a degree in Information Technology for Networking. Now I'm doing Computer Science. I have been working on computers since about the age of 8 or so. It happened when my mother bought an IBM computer and I took it over day one. (It came with original DOOM)
(keep this a secret but) I also found out about torrents and P2P. Which lead me to where I am now, due to having to fix the computer whenever I got a virus, so my parents didn't get mad or notice. Well skip some years and as being the youngest of three by 13 years. I spent a good portion of my life laying in a hospital bed, due to having a failing gal blader at 14 and getting chronic pancreatites due to that, 2 years later. Though a few years ago I did the Whipple Procedure, which saved my life.

Now I work as a system administrator for a Internet service provider. Managing hypervisors and and virtual machines all day. It's a pain in the ass, but if it's not a challenge, is it even fun? (I left some notes)

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