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EPIC tales were told and expanded, secrets were revealed, while others remained hidden, heroes rose and fell, and all of it stored in a neat plastic cartridge. The Nintendo 64 or N64 is a home console system developed by the video game giants over at Nintendo, named N64 for being able to run 64-bit graphics making it the first console system able to run 3D games. Thats just the tip of the 64-bit iceberg, as the console has a rich history of gaming one that revolutionized the gaming world forever.

WE will go over the basics of what made the system so innovative to gaming at the time, by re-telling its history and listing the iconic games that were released along side with it; as well as, diving beneath the 64-bit surface by describing its development and hardware specs. We,re also gonna go over sales numbers as well, from units sold in different countries to the top-grossing games.The Nintendo 64 brought a new era to gaming leaving its lasting legacy on the face of video games, with some of the most important features to gaming debuting on the console, making it a console worth taking about for years to come.

Nintendo 64 console and controller Nintendo logo and Mario


TO further understand the consoles history we first need to know a bit of the developers history, the history of Nintendo. The company began as a Hanafuda card making company in Kyoto, Japan by the founder Fusajiro Yamauchi back in 1889, they created these cards up until the 1960s and even managed to collab with Disney in 1959 to ceate cards. By the 1980s Nintendo started to develop and distribute video games, the first one being a coin-operated arcade game called Donkey Kong. Moving on to 1985 they released their first ever home-console system in America the Nintendo Entertainment System or the NES, and in the same year their most iconic game franchise was released the Super Mario Bros; and then shortly after, the company also released the first ever handheld gaming system the Game Boy in 1989.

AFTERWARDS a slew of video game console hits one after another, acompanied by countless video game characters. Fast forwarding to the present the company is now among one of the most successful developers, as of 2019 their most recent console release is the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo's history is a long one with varied highs and lows but one thing is for sure they will continue to create outstanding polished entertainment for years to come.

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