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Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

How much did you know about the subject of Internet Publishing before you started this course? Had you ever done any similar kind of work in the past?

I didn’t know very much about the subject of Internet Publishing, I knew it existed, but thought it was only possible to create a website by going through a publishing website like Weebly. I didn’t know you could make your own web page with HTML. I knew it was possible but didn’t know the extent of its true power. There are so many things you can do with HTML and the option are unlimited. In my intro to CIS Class last semester, this is when I was introduced to computers, as a kid I thought I was pretty sophisticated as a computer user, but I didn’t even scratch the surface. Computers are very complex and understanding how they work can be very overwhelming.

How would you explain the course to someone else?

I would explain this course to someone as an introduction to how HTML works and creating a basic website without the help of an internet webpage publisher that creates the website for you pretty much. This class will give you the tools to figure out how to create almost any webpage or allow you to become successful if you try to create one in the future. For me, I took this class because in the future I would like to own my own business and you need an updated website to do that.

Describe at least two things you learned or discovered through completing the assigned activities.

The biggest take away was learning what exactly is going on behind the computer that happening behind closed doors. The most important was understanding the difference of HTML and C# and Java. From my understanding C# and Java is like learning woodworking and HTML is like learning how to paint. Both skills a valuable, but you don’t need one without the other. There’s a lot of painting in woodworking but there is a lot of woodworking that doesn’t require painting. You can also just be a painter or just be a woodworker, the choice is yours. Knowing HTML is nice because you can then “Paint” the objects that C# and Java made with HTML. Another big thing was understanding how domains work and how to save your own domain if you want to create a website or business later on in life. I never understood the significance of doing this, but after this class I now understand.

What personal knowledge and skills did you discover or acquire during this experience that will assist you in your future endeavors?

Knowing how to use HTML is very significant because I will now be able to create my own web site when I create my own business or help someone start a business. I will already know how to create a web site and the steps it takes to create a successful one. These skills are very valuable because technology is only increasing and the internet is getting larger and larger every year.

What problems have you encountered while working on assignments? How did you solve them?

One problem that I had with an assignment was in module 7, I apparently added strong tags to a lot of content within my web page. I don’t ever remember going into the document and adding over 20 strong tags because that would take forever, but in my document it was added somehow and I had to delete them all and instead I created a class for them by adding a span tag which solved the problem.

What resources have you used while working on assignments in this course? Which ones were especially helpful? Which ones would you use again?

The main resources I have used are the videos supplied at each module. I always try to watch the videos because I am a very visual learner and always try to watch a video to learn material because they can cover information faster than reading it and I usually stay engaged longer than reading. The Godaddy videos were very helpful and professional. Some of the Youtube examples can get quite tedious and long and some take a long time to get to the overall message across. My favorite source is using Khan Academy. I wish every class was structured in that format of watching a video and then mastering the material before you can move on to the next assignment. This allows the student to really retain the information and allows the student to watch and practice examples more effective because you get feedback immediately.