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Why did I take Internet Publishing?

To begin with, I really did not know about Internet Publishing.
I was with a Guidance Counselor over the summer and I was asking him if
there were any good computer classes that would be credited toward my major.
His recommendation was CIS 147 or Internet Publishing. I was nervous
to take this class in the beginning when the Fall Semester of 2022 began,
it turned out it was not so bad after all. I had that motivation inside me
that was juiced up that I can do this, I am paying for this course,
and I do not want to disappoint myself or my family.

What I really learned from this course this semester is about publishing web pages and going backstage on a website
As learning as much from reading from other student discussion posts, doing the scenarios on Khan Academy, and doing
the assignments on my own, it has helped learned a lot on how the internet works.To cut to the chase here, I have been
using computers as long as I can remember. Using a computer from the time I started preschool until still using today has really
helped learned and understand to make my daily life easier.I have taken computer classes from as elementary school through taking courses
here at Elgin Community College.

The courses here I have taken here are all of the Microsoft Office 360 programs which includes Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel.
These classes do offer the master certificate as you are wrapping up the semester when you take these courses. The best part is you take practice
tests until the big exam to get your official certification. Unfortunately, I did not decide to sign up for the Microsoft Certification exams since it seemed kind
of challenging for me and I just wanted to pass with the grade that I was already passing.
Other classes I have taken here were Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Computer Programming, and Cybercrimes and Security. These classes were kind of challenging
to me since I was learning about the hardware on computers, the viruses, and how to program with python. I was managed to work with groups and get help from my instructors since
doing assignments with computer courses here at Elgin Community College were challenging. There were times when I was spending too long on an assignment and I was getting frustrated
and confused on what I was doing.

The solution was to stop what I was doing, put it aside, and get help from an instructor or a tutor.
Getting help with the assignments and scheduling a time to meet with a tutor and with the instructor seemed a little
nervous and annoyed since I was doing everything I can thinking if I was everything right or I if was going a step further. Meeting with an
instructor privately and having them teach me via Zoom meeting helps understand where my strengths and weakness are to be corrected and
fixed in the future. The lesson that I am learning as of this day is whenever I am working on something and I am feeling frustrated and confused is to put it
aside and ask for help.

Internet publishing would be a good course to a student if they are not
sure what course they taking in a semester. This would help a student
learn and understand what it is like what a website is like backstage
and how a coding works online. I can persuade them that Internet Publishing
is a fun class, be creative, and learn about coding. What is even more important
is I can recommend is Tammy Ray is an excellent instructor to work with since she is happy
to help out all the time. No is one is expected to be a master in this course, but mostly everyone
is just beginners and starting to learn about HTML coding.

The things that I have discovered is learning about changing the fonts
and how to use HTML color coding. Doing this is to spice up the documentation
in your webpage to engage your viewers and attract attention on how much effort
you put in for your webpage. During some of the assigned activities, I have figured out how to
use different font families and assign font colors to the document. Black ink can get old after a while
because it is used everywhere. You can change the color of the font only if you are doing it in an appropriate way.