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Internet Publishing CIS 147 11/07/2019

Before I started this course, I hardly knew anything about Internet Publishing. I have taken programming courses like C++, Visual Basic, Database Programming, but they were nothing like programming HTML and CSS. I am truly amazed on what CSS can do for webpages.

How would I explain this course to someone else? I would start by saying it’s one of the easiest programming languages to learn. You don’t need any special software to write HTML or CSS. You only need a text editor and a browser to test your code. The more you practice with the different tags, the more you can enhance your website.

By completing the assigned activities, I learned at least two features that I may use a lot in my website. First would be the way we can manipulate an image. We can change the size of the image, put a border around it, add padding to the image, and wrap text around the image. We also float the image to the right and left of the screen. The second feature that I liked was to get a different font from google. There are many fonts to choose from and you don’t have to depend on a computer’s fonts.

I have learned a lot in this class. I have enjoyed every part of it. I could not wait until I got the next assignment. Every week we learned something different. I took this class because I wanted to build a site for my department at work. The site will consist of links to view what type of testing equipment we have in our fan testing lab, and some links to various sites that have information about the types testing we do at Revcor.

I think that I only had one problem working on the assignments. That problem was wanting to insert one of my own graphics into the project. I also tried to use a different graphic from Khan Academy links, but it didn’t work for me. So, I used one of their default graphics which worked but it wasn’t one of my better choices for the assignment.

The resources that I have used in this class was the links that Tammy Ray gave us with the assignment,, and to help me understand how use HTML tags and CSS properties. The resource that I thought was the most helpful was the because not only did it explain how the tag or properties work, they also let me try my own code with it.

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