Victor Starkov | Internet Publishing

Before I started this course, I had minimal knowledge and experience with the subject of internet publishing. I took a computer programming class the semester before which focused on Python. I was able to bring some aspects like writing code on a notepad and other basic software principles to this course. I had no prior knowledge of publishing a web page or how to code HTML or CSS. So, this was the first time I could do any kind of internet-related coding and publishing.

To another student, I would describe this course as a must-do if they have any interest in computers whatsoever. This course teaches fundamentals of how websites work and pushes students to think deeply about the websites they use and what decisions web page makers come across. This class is not only about learning how to make one and providing the resources to understand the code but also the skills and ideology to make a successful and useable web page. This course goes beyond and allows us to look inward at why websites we use now are structured the way they are, and how we can use these principles ourselves.

In completing assigned activities, I learned how to transform code on a notepad into a page I could view on a browser. This was taught in an easy-to-understand way and I felt like the steps were much more straightforward than I originally thought before starting this course. Another thing I learned through the assignments was the terminology used for CSS styling. I found that to be the most fun part of coding. CSS allowed for creativity and design to really show on a web page. I had no idea what the terminology was like for CSS styling, and this knowledge allowed my creative side to show.

One thing I know I will use in the future is web page analysis. Throughout this course, we analyzed different web pages in our weekly discussions. I am now able to understand what aspects can go into a decision that affects usability and design. I can see whether a web page was designer by someone considerate of those who may use a screen reader and decide whether or not it is good to send out to colleagues. Additionally, I can see how user friendly a website is and decide if they put enough effort in there to make it seem worthwhile to me. Analyzing websites and delving into the first impressions one gives off can be a helpful signal weather or not the page is reliable or current with the times.

While working on assignments, I found that I struggled the most with importing CSS design code from a different notepad into one with HTML code. I sought out some help from the internet and found some websites that explained how it is done. I found that looking back at Khan Academy videos was another way I solved problems with my code. I reviewed the topic I was struggling with before continuing the assignment.

I found that Khan Academy was the most useful as it had all the concepts we needed for class and was explained in a way that was easy to understand. The examples shown on Khan Academy also helped as the presenter showed possible mistakes and tips to make the code more efficient. I would use Khan Academy again. I also used assorted blog postings which answered some very specific questions I had searched up. Some coders with experience answered questions posted that were the same as mine and I read those. I do not remember any of the specific websites as they were different every time, but they helped too.

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