I had known about internet publishing even before this course.

I learned about it at a summer tech camp, using Adobe Dreamweaver to make a webpage. I would explain this course as a good intro course of the basics of the internet and what makes it work. As someone who is aiming to be a computer
technitian, I can tell you that this course does not cover everything about networking, but is a good start.

Two skills I learned were perseverance and problem solving. The former was useful when projects were tedious or complex, while the latter was usefull for dealing with issues like forgetting what a certain tag was or its proper syntax.
Thanks to this course, I now know the basics of two useful software languages(HTML and CSS), which will help me find employment in my field by adding some flexibility to my skillset.

I had some problems in this course, most of them with links. I never seemed to get the syntax right the first time I used a new type of link. However, Khan Acatemy was very helpful in helping me learn and fix mistakes. I would highly
reccomend the site to anyone planning on taking this course.

Link to ECC website.