Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

Description: In this assignment you will create a new Web page which includes your reflections of the course to date. You will then upload your page to your personal space on the ECC server, using an FTP client of your choice.

Please take a moment to recall ideas, techniques, strategies, and tactics we've covered or discussed ---plus those you've thought up--- to this point in the course. Then, write an essay in response to the following questions:

Note: I would recommend writing your essay in a Word processor prior to creating your web page.

Your page should include the following:

Once you have completed your page, upload your file(s) to your student web site folder, using an FTP client of your choice. See instructions in D2L for server login information.

After you have uploaded the file, and you are ready for it to be graded, create a Word document indicating that you have completed the assignment, and then submit it into the Module 11 FTP Exercise dropbox folder. Be sure to text your page before submitting for grading. Have you figured out the URL to view your page? The domain name is, and your folder name is your username. So, using my username as an example, the URL would be

Due: by 11:59 PM, CST on Sunday, November 13.