Tyler Peplinski | Internet Publishing

Before starting this course I knew very little about internet publishing. My only prior experience was taking Computer Science principals in High School which touched on HTML, CSS, and JS usage but never on actually making a website or how to publish it. I've done similar work in the past in terms of coding but apart from that High School class I've never messed around with HTML or CSS.

If I were to explain this course to someone else, I would explain it as more of a front end coding class with some information on uploading and creating websites but the focus on learning, understanding and being able to use HTML and CSS. It's at a slow enough pace that I think it would be understandable to anyone that is interested but is also fast enough to keep you interested because you are constantly learning new things. Even if it's not a field you intend on pursuing, it can just be fun to mess around with making a website to keep track of thoughts, wishlists, etc.

One of the most useful and intersting things I've learned through completing the assigned activies was the ability to use external CSS style sheets and linking them to the HTML doc. I thought that was really intersting to see and makes things a lot more managable by having all the HTML in one doc and all the CSS in another, rather than trying to sift through a single doc and figure out what is HTML and what is CSS. Another thing I've learned through these activites is the use of margins in general, that's not something I've ever learned about or used previously but it's obviously very useful in terms of styling a webpage.

I've acquired basic skills using these coding languages and am fairly confident at this point that it is a field I want to pursue as a career, whether it's web development specifically or not this class has given me a starting point and I can easily grow in whichever direction I want from here.

One of the biggest problems I've encountered is typos or incorrect ordering because I didn't realize how important is truely was to be exact. I was able to fix these by slowing down and looking through to see where I made an error, as well as comparing my doc to the example ones provided which helped tremendously.

The two main resources I have used throughout this course were Khan Academy due to that being where our assignments are located. As well as W3Schools has been a lot of help. I don't know how much Khan Academy could be used in the future seeing as after this course I would no longer have access to the course itself. I definitly intend on continuing to utilize W3Schools however.

Source: Elgin Community College