Tommy's Module 11 Assignment

When I first started taking this course, I was a bit intimidated by all the coding and use of html for web pages. I still am but am slowly starting to get the grasp of it. I haven’t done any work like this in the past, so this is still all new to me. How I would explain this course to someone who also has no idea what they would get into, is that it is very helpful if they wanted to learn how to create and design web pages. The Khan Academy lessons online are very useful in terms of going step by step with examples on various knowledge. Through the assignments, I have learned to add images, style letters in fonts and sizes, and how to embed videos onto webpages. When working on assignments in this class, I often get confused by all of the texts and steps and fear of missing a crucial step. I did learn that starting something though is better than leaving it alone. The resources I’ve used during this class to help me with work include google images (for remembering how to style or spell type correctly, Khan Academy (for assignments, but often return to assignments to remember steps, and video sites like YouTube for tips and tricks in website building.