Module 11 - Essay

I had a fairly good amount of experience, and previous classes that I had taken in regards to web publishing, web development, and server management. Web Development has been one of the main reasons that I still take classes, and want a career in Information Technology. The class I had taken in the past during my final two years of high school included learning computer hardware, operating systems, web development, and software associated with these fields.

This course is great if you are interested in the basics of web development, and having a better understanding of how things on the web work. This course can easily spark your interest and can be a pathway to other Information Technology fields. The title of the course in my opinion is slightly misleading as the course ends up covering more than just web publishing, but that is not a bad thing.

Even having experience developing web pages, writing HTML, CSS, and other languages I found that this course helped me explore them more than I had on my own. The assignments where up to date with current standards, and I felt they where overall relevant even when not directly about web publishing. I learned that CSS is much more powerful than I hard first imagined, and also got to explore some of the tools I had not known existed. I had also learned the importance of accessibility for not only disabled individuals, but also for ease of use.

I had also picked up a few things on my own while doing research for some of our discussion posts. Exploring the way popular web pages where structured, and stylized allowed me to better understand how to do so myself. I believe that Web Development is a strong possibility as a career for me in the future, and a lot of the things I had learned from this course will help me.

Overall I didn't run into many problems while working on any of the assignment in this course, but I had explored ideas I have had such as creating animated objects using CSS. I couldn't easily find a way of doing it but after researching online I was able to find a tutorial on the basics of object animation through CSS, and I was able to create a very basic animation.

My main resource while working on assignments for this course would obviously first be Google, but also some of the sites that most commonly came up first or second in the search results. The site I visited the most often when needing help with CSS was I found their website to be well organized, and contained up to date and helpful information. Khan Academy was also very helpful when doing assignment on the site. The Khan Academy editor is a very effective way of giving students real time feedback on their work and telling them when something is wrong. I will be regularly visiting w3schools, and possibly khan academy in the future if I ever decide to explore Web Development further.