Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

Previously to taking this class I only had a basic understanding of Internet Publishing. I have read a number of articles on the Internet relating to Internet Publishing. Also, I have watched several video tutorials pertaining to the subject as well. While I have done a little bit of research, I have never actually done any similar kind of hands on work, aside from personal research on the Internet in my free time.

If I were to explain this course to someone else I would describe this class as a beginner course that introduces the student to the fundamentals of Internet Publishing. I would not describe it as an in depth course because developing websites is a very complex and challenging task and this course barely scratches the surface. However, there is much to be learned from taking this course. The most important thing I have learned from this course is the proper syntax of HTML documents. To me this is the most important lesson because I am more interested in the underlying concepts of Internet Publishing as opposed to the design aspect. Given that, the second most important lesson I have learned is the proper syntax of CSS documents. These two skills increased my personal knowledge about Internet Publishing and the Internet in general. I intend to work in the Information Technology field so I am sure this will assist me in my future endeavors.

The only real problems I have encountered while working on assignments was the misinterpretation of the directions on some assignments. This is not due to the course itself. It is due to the fact that an online class does not provide the face to face environment in order to ask questions concerning the directions. This was rarely a problem because I emailed the instructor and received clarification about the misunderstanding. The problems were resolved in a very timely manner through email communication.

I used the resources provided in the weekly lessons for the majority of assignments. Sometimes I do supplemental research on my own on the Internet when I need further clarification. The resources that were especially helpful were the video tutorials provided in the weekly lessons. I really enjoy watching those; they really help me understand the topic at hand. The assigned readings help as well. As far as using the resources again, I would use the video tutorials again if the need arises. I might not choose the exact same videos provided, but I learn much faster watching than reading.

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