Nathan Ramirez | Internet Publishing

When I first started the internet publishing class, I had no knowledge whatsoever of coding. I had not coded before the class and I am grateful to take an internet publishing class because I have learned many basics including CSS and HTML. The closest I have ever come to internet publishing is the game building and creative stuctures on Roblox as a kid. This was very different than the internet publishing class constructs. This included similar layout of ideas but instead of into words like Google Docs or HTML like designing a webpage, it was ussing graphic design. Even though I have had an extremely basic understanding of graphic design, I would say it resembles internet publishing as the most simmilar thing I knew prior to the class.

I would explain the course to another person by explaining what is taught, what projects are worked on, what can be learned, and similar education-based objectives. I can further describe these essential elements by further divulging: the internet publishing course teaches essential coding techniques for designing a webpage. This can range from the basics of HTML which is one of the standard coding languages, CSS which is the inlay of using an external code to format the page, embedded styles which can be used to design and format the page, and div tags which can be used to introduce specific styles to select areas of any text.

During the Internet Publishing course so far I have gained knowledge in utilizing many skills. I shall describe two of the most memorable skills learned. The first major skill I have learned is the basic construction capabilities of HTML. This skill I find extremely valuable because I now understand the basic process of computing code and it is a skill I have wanted to achieve for many time. Another skill I have found important is the use of inserting links. I find this skill extremely essential because of the many uses. It can be used when citing sources on non-academic purposes, it can show affiliation or sponsorship, and it can be used to demonstrate subsidiary websites owned by the same people.

During the Internet Publishing class I have found I have acquired several skills. These skills range from the ability of time management and the ability to read and interpret large amounts at once. These skills are essential because the ability of time management can be utilized in everyday life such as meeting deadlines and having time to achieve multiple activities in one time period. The ability to read and understand large amounts of word content at once is a useful ability that is eneficial when learning new protocols or continuing the higher education. both of these skills I had possessed to some degree, but after beginning the internet publishing class I have further refined and understood these abilities.

Near the beginning of the course there was an assignment I had trouble with completing correctly: CSS Module 5 Exercise. Even though my HTML webpage resembled the correct goal, the coding syntax was ineffective due to the possible need of additional layers of coding often attributed to embedded css. My error arouse from the notion that I was defining style elements individually throughout each paragraph. Instead of the concept of labeling the paragraphs individually I had to style the paragraphs through the head's style tag. I had to learn the proper way to present embedded css and the ability to be tenacious as I kept trying to understand the assignment.

During some of the internet publishing assignments I had encountered a lack of knowledge on how to complete certain assignments. There were several resources that helped throughout these many assignments. One notable resource was GeeksforGeeks which showcased detailed explanations on what certain HTML elements are as well as demonstrating with actual examples of code what they should look like. Another extremely helpful resource I used was w3schools I found this website also extremely useful not just in regards to the similar construct to GeeksforGeeks but also in the ability to test out the coding examples yourself to get a better firsthand experience of the process involved.

I am grateful for having taken Internet Publishing as a college course. I have learned the basics of HTML and how to properly format webpages. I am grateful for these learned skills as well as having improved my skills of time management and reading retention. I value the importance of Internet Publishing and the way it has influenced many other people into creating websites.

Source: ECC Homepage