Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

I came to this class with a mental blank slate so every concept has been beneficial.I heard a lot of the terms but was honestly not familiar
their meanings or their relevance.Taking this class has helped me to understand computer-related concepts.The class is about learning the basics of
HTML and how it works,also the amount of new methods and standards added or changing to enhance it.

This class provide me the opportunity to build a stronger understanding and grasping about how necessary accessibility features are,and how it helps individuals
with disabilities access the web has had the largest impact on my learning experience.After all theses modules I found that learning HTML, and CSS together would
grasp a better understanding of how these two languages interact with each other considering nearly all websites rely on a CSS file for formatting.

Using The Khan Academy tools have been extremely enlightening for me throughout the class, I learn best with hands-on material and having them show
me how to do something in HTML and then give me a chance to try it out for myself has been a great learning tool.In spite of simplified instructor method
I have encountered some problems while working on assignments,But under the guidance of the instructor I managed to solve some of them I did lean on
some useful resources that are free to use, and can help when writing HTML, CSS. -