Nicholas Faciano | Internet Publishing

So I actualy do have some experience using html, css, and java script before. I love to code and kind of picked up website publishing as a side hobbie. Ive created sites to host private videos locally (mainly so I can easily navigate my movie collection I ripped off of CDs). Ive also used it to help promote and provide a page for my youtube, tiktok, and twitch channels.

Think of internet publishing like writing a recipe. You start with a blank sheet (HTML), where you put down ingredients (code and tags). When someone opens your recipe (webpage), their browser follows your instructions to make the dish (display the webpage). With HTML, you can easily make your recipe look nice by adding ingredients in the right order. Every recipe has a basic structure, but you can make yours unique by adding as much or as little as you want. As you learn more, you can do cool things like changing the colors, adding pictures, and even making links clickable. With HTML, you're the chef, and the internet is your kitchen! (I like to make it easy for anyone to understand using common ground)

One of the biggest things ive learned so far was how to create lists and tables, for some reason I just have never grasped it. Same thing for adding scrollbars to pages, I just could never understand it, I really liked using kahn academy to learn, it was very helpful.

Learning about HTML and making websites has helped me get better at creating good-looking and useful webpages. This can help me find more chances to do things in the future. With HTML skills, I can work on different web projects and make websites that people like to use. It also helps me keep up with new things happening on the internet so I can stay ready for whatever comes next.

If im being honest, my biggest problem working on assignments wernt the assignments themselves, I procrastinate and along with that have a lot of things going on right now physically, mentally, and time wise (schedule) so it has been very hard keeping up with most of my classes, but I have been working on it. The assignments themselves are ok, I usually need to double and tripple check that Ive followed all the guide lines though.

Honestly there are 2 main resources I would reccomend anyone and everyone to use if they are struggling with a concept. The first being the king of resources, YouTube. If you have a problem, youtube WILL have a video specific to your problem and how to fix it, expecially with coding. It has nice guides amd walkthroughs to follow along with. Overall its the most versitile source there is. The second resource is Stack Overflow, SO is a public discussion form where users post their own code, the problem, error, what they want it to do, and what they have tried. Other users respond to the post with corrected information and typically an explination of why the original code wasnt working as expected. This has been my main tool for anything coding, expecially internet publishing.

Elgin Community College