I like being able to incorporate relative URL attributes within my website due

to how it can act as a guide to help viewers locate content that might otherwise be missed when searching a web page that contains a lot of information. I think that comments are the most important tags within a webpage because they allow you to enter notations which can help you or someone else in deciphering the intent and actions of each part of the HTML and CSS for the webpage. Another useful property for CSS is the ID selectors which can minimize repetitive data entries when you identify an element with an ID name.

Since I am a newcomer to internet publishing, I have not thought up any ideas, techniques, strategies, or tactics myself yet due to a lack of experience. I figured that once I have the basic knowledge and some successful hands-on practice, then I can start to experiment to develop my own techniques and styles. I believe that this is the best part of website design, as you can try out different techniques to see which ones work the best for your webpage.

I have had no previous experience or knowledge of the subject of Internet Publishing before starting this course. I chose to take this course simply for the knowledge of how to start creating my own website for personal use. My children have told me that there are websites and software available that will do all the work for me, but I wanted to learn how to design it for myself. I also want to have the knowledge of how a website is created, so in case I am asked to help at work with something related to it, then I can do it.

If I had to explain this course to someone else, I would tell them that it is designed to teach you how a website is created by showing you the steps necessary and what each does in the overall process. Two things that I have learned or discovered through completing the assigned activities is that you must make sure that the data is in the correct format, and complete, or the server may not recognize what you are asking it to do. I also learned that there are millions of different styles that are available to make your website uniquely different from others.

The personal knowledge which I have acquired during this experience has given me the ability to begin creating my own website and to show others how to contribute to the content and style of their own page within it. The skills I have gained will allow me to format and style every aspect of my website and to modify the attributes until I am satisfied with the content. The biggest problem that I encountered while working on the assignments is with viewing the website I created. The problem was with my creating the data using the wrong software program, which did not transition into the HTML. The other issues that I have had, and continue to have, are with incomplete date entries which cause the webpage to not display what I want for the assignments. It sometimes takes me awhile to figure out where I made a mistake before I can fix it, which is frustrating. I need to use HTML editing software to enter the information so it can auto complete some of the key date entries and it will notify me when I am missing something, like in Khan Academy.

My biggest resource used while taking this course was Google. It helped me to define some information that I did not understand, and it allowed me to locate sources for information to help me complete assignments.

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