When I started this class at the beginning of the semester I knew nothing about Internet Publishing or what it takes to design a website. The closest I've gotten to Internet Publishing was my Introduction to Visual Basics the semester before where I learned how to do basic programming, which helped the transition into the logic and form of Internet Publishing. After taking this class I feel like I could comfortably explain to others how Internet Publishing works and how easy it can be to create your own website. Designing a website is as simple as using the various syntaxes to organize your text, images, and links then using a separate sheet of syntaxes to give your website visual appeal and design.

While taking this class I learned about Cascading Style Sheets and how you typically use these to write syntaxes to help give your website more style. CSS also helps keeps all your style syntax organized and gives you more tools to use to make any website better looking. I also discovered how to add hyperlinks among your text and site to make your website more convenient and easy to use. It's through learning these things that helped me gain knowledge in web design and gives me future career options. The problems I've been having is remembering all the syntax and when to use it. The way I've dealt with this is by practicing and getting more familiar with all the code language. By using the Internet itself to help me with assignments I'm able to keep doing my assignments and having an unlimited source of information. But the resources that have helped me the most have been Khan Academy and SoloLearn on my phone, I still use SoloLearn on my phone to help teach me syntax while getting practice too.