Spencer Nicholas | Internet Publishing

I only knew just a little bit about Internet publishing before I started the class because some of my friends took it before I did. I have gone to a class simialar to this one and it was called editing class in highschool.

Id expalin this class to someone else that this class will teach you anything you will need to know about coding and how to know baic internet things to get around on computers if you do not not know how to use a computer.

The two things that I have learned from this class was how to code of course and the other thing was learning how to manage my time better so I am not late with any of my assighnments.

The personal knowledg that I have gained from this class was knowing how to use my internet tools from Khan academy so that I can code better than Inhave before.

The problems I have encountered from working on these assighnemnts was that sometimes when I code it would delte my progress and it would really annoy me. I solved it by thanfully I would take a picture of the assighnment and I would type it all again its not playgerism if you copy form yourself.

The resources I have used while working on assighnments in this course was viper and caret which are coding websites. Caret was especially helpful since its really hard to hack and it doesnt always glitch out. Id use caret agin of course.

Source: ECC Homepage