Matthew Kennedy| Internet Publishing

I knew nothing about the subject of internet publishing before I started this course because I never did any coding and I never knew the definition of internet publishing either. I have not done any kind of work like this in the past. How I would explain the course to somebody else, is it is a class about how to develop a webpage on your own using CSS selectors, ID attributes, and while learning the assignments you will complete Khan academy assignments during the week, also timed quizzes, and discussion board questions and all the assignments are all due by Sunday night at 11:59 PM.

One thing I learned about completing the assigned assignments is there are videos that go with each assignment, also on Khan academy it keeps your progress of where you left off so you can always go back to your assignment you are currently working on and finish it a different day. The personal knowledge I acquired during this experience is to take your time while doing your coding because if you rush while doing the coding you can get really confused and you might forget some steps and you might have to go back and see what steps you completed and have to see what steps you still have to do. The problems I had encountered while working on assignments is I would get stuck on the assignment because I have never seen it before, then I would watch Khan academy videos and then look at the videos while working on the assignment that I am stuck on. The resources I have used while working on an assignment are the khan academy videos that are provided and also google searches when I couldn’t figure out what the videos were saying in khan academy. The ones I would use again would be the khan academy videos because I was able to go back and watch them if I needed help.

Source: ECC Homepage