Monisola Gbadebo: Course Reflections

Before taking this class, I knew nothing about web publishing, html, or css. Frankly, I knew very little about the internet, its invention and what technically constituted the internet versus the world wide web. I have never done work like this before.

I would describe this class as a rigorous course that really gives you a good jumpstart on web development. Once you take this class, you will absolutely be able to design a professional position g website. It is effectively taught.

I learned about the invention of the internet and the process of programming or coding a website has been demystified. It isn't just for super nerdy genius computer geeks, anyone really can do it.

I think I learned that coding is something I can actually learn and even enjoy. I also think I stretched myself by using a growth mindset with respect to this course. I have dabbled in various software applications and Java before, but I always got frustrated, overwhelmed, and intimidated. But now I believe that by taking a few deep breaths and taking each bit of new knowledge piece by piece, I am capable of excelling at very technical tasks and skills. This shift in mindset will undoubtedly help me in the future.

The problems I've encountered working on assignments in this class is the volume and time. Between the khan academy exercises, videos, readings, discussion posts and assignments, this class has more work than my 5 credit chemistry class. Frankly this course far exceeds the guidelines for number of hours spent on work per credit that ECC recommends. I really hope the professor takes a look at the course design and makes modifications to the syllabus because there is no way this should be listed as a one credit class. It is frankly laughable and honestly harmful to students who sign up expecting a certain course load but are then overwhelmed. Again, I spend as many hours on this class as I do on my 5 credit chemistry course. And as a career changing adult who already has a masters degree, I am well acquainted with what should constitute a one credit class

Khan Academy has by far been thr most helpful resource followed by Both have been invaluable. Khan Academy provides the foundation and provides a quick reference when studying for quizzes or doing assignments.

Source: Elgin Community College