Knowing of one my favorite movie quote that gets into the scene that I really enjoy the cutscene.

  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • Spider-Man (2002)
  • Transformers (2007)
  • Batman Begins

    Knowing that when there's this Billinoiare Bruce Wayne, one of most richest man in Wayne Manor, deciding to help people because of over the due the crimes in the city, torturing around places, making Gotham's most haunted cities as ever been, & so it was up to Bruce Wayne, who then became the best superhero that Gotham has ever known since the beginning of a first crime fighting scene & gave a word to the Mob Boss Leader: I'm Batman.


    There was this kid name Peter Parker, who he was a brilliant scientist, got bit by the radioactive spider on his hand, making him powerful with strength, speed, & agility that causes him sense anything to react for incoming. He can even crawl up in the wall & gave him a web to swing from his hand. Know that Uncle Ben take him to the library, but Peter wanted to go to a wrestling match to win a thousand dollar match. But during the time when Peter saw a robber stealing the money & deciding to let him because the cashier did not pay him enbough & it was being rude. So for during the time off at the building, Peter sees his Uncle Ben got shot by a robber who then try to steal his car & get revenge on the robber. So, for knowing the reason the way Peter made a mistake, because he believe it was the robber who tries to steal the money & let him go earlier, & then the robber fell out from the tall abandoned building at the window & crash. Realizing what Peter did was a mistake because he had felt like he did not take the responsibility during the incident of Uncle Ben's death. So, then on, he began to realize that his part knowing that he wanted to become a superhero taking important message during the last scene he remembers from Uncle Ben: With Great Power, Come Great Responsibility. Remember that, Pete.


    The time of the world, there was kid name Sam Witwicky, who he known the story of his Grandfather, seeing the there's some sort of an alien symbolize texture on his glasses, wondering of what they are. While after school, his father wanted to take Sam into a car dealer where sell vehicle until Sam found the 1980 Camaro Chevrolet. Since after he bought the car, his vehicle started getting a little strange in activity until later the Camaro transformed into BumbleBee. And Bumblebee, as he is now a guardian to Sam, he take Sam to meet the rest of these alienated robotic vehicle that can transformed too, known as the Autobots. And as their leader, Optimus Prime. Since finally met, Otpimus wanted to find Sam's grandfather glasses to see the code for the key top access. During later the Military arrive & Sector 7 try to capture the alienated autobots, so they capture Sam & Bumblebee to the military base, from where Sam's grandfather have found a frozen enemy Megatron, leader of the decepticons. Although it's been frozen for a long time keep on stasis, Otpimus & the others detecting Sam's grandfather's glasses, so that they can acces the codes to their coordinates. So, the Autobots started to questions about this planet Earth, saying that this planet is a violent race. But Otpimus knows the difference of how bad can this planet become over the years. But Optimus beleieve & says: there are young species, they have much to learn. But I seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. So that knowing that Optimus wanted to take this request to help & to protect, so that war can be ended for good, & to bring peace to this planet.


    now that we all know that these scene bring into some inspirations with their monologue, it can be passion, hope, courage, to see into this extraordinary to see this important line. So, I would like to thank you for your time to see & to watch this important dialogue