Elgin Community College Webpage

Here's my explanation about using the service for creating a webpage

For years I have never take any experience to see these types of internet publishing on the computer in class. Using to these methods find the linking codes. Back in Middle School, I used to learn computer programming of how to use microsoft document, powerpoint, & sheets, in High School, I did some of learning subjects using keyboards for the fingers to see the position of writing to type things on the computer.

It is a computer programming of internet publishing that takes into the virtual classes on ECC, to configure the html sources of entering the codes like, CSS, Typography, font-faces, style, & many other sources to see these types of creating a webpages for the instructions.

First, I have experience on the CSS or as a style type of coding. I just realized that I have discovered to create a CSS to be separate to customized the text modules on the HTML file to be changing the sizes of img, margin, padding, bold, weight, height, & fonts textures.

Secondly, I learned on using the box model for top & bottom of margin, border, & padding. Knowing the contents to see the internal lining sources to consider the practical use of seeing the changes to save a file & to open up into the webpage result.

Since that I began to learn this virtual class on Internet Publishing, for my perception of learning, It will take me time to get into this learning process on using the CSS, typography, font-face, table, & FTP sources. These categories assessment brings me into a whole new learning individual to explore more about this on creating on a blank website from codes. Using the methods on html & css’s for the very first time in this semester. For years, I have never learned or experience about this until now this course, yet that I’m taking to learn more about this. Although, taking at this course gets really tricky about this because, it makes me want it to memorize into something or to write on things down to remember about the keys of the codes. It is greatly underwhelming to start on these codes to use like what is div, what is padding, font, margin, table, td, tr, caps, & even more of what I’m supposed to do?

During on to the problematic, I sometimes decided to work with my other classmates, because I want it to work with them to see if we could figure it out to get a good picture for myself onto these crucial tasks of what am I supposed to be thinking about or how to use these things by myself independently. Yet, that I know on I’m still wanting to learn more about these hypothesis list.

On D2l, I have read & seeing to these videos to know how to use these instructions to follow along with these tutorial , including the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy videos are basically much helpful they sort of help me a bit for I have been trying repeat the videos over & over again until I sort of got it. I sometimes forget & get zoned out sometimes, but it just I’m trying to picture about on using the methods, but I do not know how to use, so I ask my classmates to figure things out to try to make a common sense to me on this course.