Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

- Prior to this course I was already fairly familiar with html and web design. I have done similar work in the past before the advent of WYSIWYG editors and took courses on graphic design that included basic web design topics.

- I would explain to someone that this is an introductory course on html and css. I never used CSS before and was surprised with the power of it after visiting CSSZenGarden.

- I never knew how people with disabilities used the web before. A lot of the tech makes sense but I never considered it as it doesn’t apply to me. Knowing this I see the need for competent coders that can make the web accessible.

- I did not know that css could change a page so dramatically. I always thought it was more for text formatting. Having learned the fundamentals of CSS I believe I will be more adept at deciphering pages as they apply to my career goals.

- I have not run into any real problems while working on assignments that could not be solved with a quick web search. Looking up tags on w3schools helped every once in a while when I needed a bit more description on a tag’s use. If I find myself coding pages in the future I’ll probably pop back to w3schools for references.