Internet Publishing

I have dappled in the practice of internet publishing. FTP is something that is quite fantastic. The only problem with me is that it seems vulnerable. In order to use the encrypted version, there is alot of steps. I couldnt do it when I played around at first.


I would explain this class to another by saying that it is a extremely entry level class. It took some time for someone like me who has dabbled into html coding. I honestly thought I would learn more new things. I learned only really font linking from an external site.


What I have learned through these activities is of some things nothing really explosively new. As I stated before I never knew about font linking in the head of a html page. I also learned of better layout making in html. That was always an issue with me. Splitting the page up and making a thousand and a half div tags just so that I get some text in the right area of the screen.


What will I use with the knowledge that I have gained. Well as I have stated the font linking will help and assist me with making pages look more pleasing. That is my honest and only truly advance I have gotten from this course.


The problems I faced were simple. I just didnt like the discussions. I do not know how to explain why I disliked them. I think it was that some of the discussions wanted 250 words yet I had to make up sentences that made no sense just to reach said word expectation.


I like to use css tricks and, these sites have always proved insightful.