My Reflections Of Internet Publishing

Before taking this class, I did not know anything about the subject of Internet Publishing. Never thought I would take a class of internet publishing, never had I done anything in this area of type of work before now. I think back maybe to my freshman year of high school many moons ago, I learned about Lotus 1-2-3. Now I am telling may age. But that is the closest thing I came to doing anything that I can think of in think area.

I would tell them it’s pretty interesting and very hard to explain. It would be for me to explain without showing the little bit that my old brain has absorbed. The tags and codes that go into it may seem pretty simple, but it is far from it. It is pure madness, but there is a method to the madness. Once you grasp the concept it really does makes sense. Once you learn it, you would have to continuously do it for it to flow freely.

I learned that there is a difference between HTML and CSS, the codes and tags are different. I also learned that one simple mistake can mess up your whole concept of what you want your outcome to be, you find yourself going back over everything you input to make sure you get the correct outcome. I also learned that for some reason, my color command did not register, and I was able to just type in the color. I also managed to learn the concept of the class tag.

The personal is that I have always been a bit curious about how websites were made. I have a few friends that are currently putting together websites for their business. Now I am in no way form or fashion ready to dive in and put my hands in the mix, but I will not be lost when they are in conversation.

I have run into plenty of issues while in this class. While you think that it will be simple, it is very much a lot to take in. I had several health issues, that blocked me from diving in 110% which really put me behind. But early in the class I felt a little defeated because it was computer talk. But Professor Ray was able to walk me through and calm my nerves. All I needed was a little push to place it where it needed to be. Very patient.

I have used Google, YouTube and Khan mostly to get through. After doing the activities on Khan it helped tremendously and using YouTube, I would definitely use them again.

I took Internet Publishing at Elgin Community College.