Module 11 Reflection and FTP Assignment

Elgin Community College

When this course began, I knew very slight about the workings of Internet Publishing; however, as the course went on, my knowledge about HTML and CSS began to grow. From learning how to make a basic HTML document to now creating an HTML web page on my own. This course will teach the student the background work that goes into these websites that we visit every day. From how simple text turns into a website. This course was also very hands on. The best way to learn this material is with constant repetition. Proof reading your work is also very important in this course. One missed curly bracket, or a missed end tag means the difference between a fully functioning site and site that wont run.

Over this past semester, I have learned a lot with HTML. First, I learned how important it is to stay mindful about the different types of users that may visit your site. Picking the right color scheme or organizing your page properly with titles and headings can make a huge difference to certain users. Your page can be viewed by millions and you need to keep in kind that not everyone views it the same way you do. Second, I learned about how important the font you choose can be when creating a web page. The font one chooses must be easy on the eyes and be readable for the visitors of the page. Creating a page with the use of crazy fonts can sway people from browsing your page. With all this new knowledge I have acquired this semester, I will try to apply it to whenever I browse the web.

During the course, I ran into some minor problems with some assignments. The fist thing I did was look over the document. Most of the time It was an error from missing an end tag or a misspelled word. Other time I had to look over the notes again to figure out how to do some assignments. The most helpful resource over this course would have to be the Khan website. The assignments are very hands on and easy to follow that it helps teach the students the basic of HTML. Another resource I used were the videos on each module. The videos are very informative and helped me learn the material.

In the end, the semester has been filled with a great experience that I had fun doing week in and week out. From assignments, to Khan exercise, and even the discussions. Internet Publishing is a course I would recommend to anyone looking to learn more about the work that goes into websites.