When I was younger I dabbled into HTML a bit for a summer, but it was such an unorganized and ignorant attempt that I can’t even really say I learned much.

Compared to this class where the information is organized and presented with Khan Academy and hands on projects and you get feedback. Most people, myself included, would assume the class is a kind of online marketing class or how to blog. But the class is much more in depth than that, and you learn the backbone and core of coding online.

In this day and age, knowing how the internet works seems incredibly important and yet I feel like fewer and fewer people do. I would tell people that in this class you learn actual internet coding, though that word might scare some. There are way more than two things I learned, but more than any specific individual thing I learned much more about the structure and nature of the internet. I got a better grasp of how it works and is organized, and how it is put together.

Two specific things though would be how to link external CSS pages to modify html, and to learn what that actually means. It is going to incredibly helpful to understand the driving force of the entire world and our species, the internet. We are learning the intricacies of a system used by nearly everyone for nearly everything. There have times when I have hit a wall, where nothing I seem to try works, but you had given advice about searching online for the answers and that is how a managed to get by a lot of problems. However, when I absolutely could not get it you helped me right away! I used reddit, the internet, and khan academy and also my teacher as resource.