Going into this course I need a little bit about the subject. I have taking this class before in the past and I did not do that well but taking the class before and taking it again I am understanding the subject more.

The way that I would explain the course to someone else is that is incredibly fun. Is a great course to learned on how to create your own website. All assignments on Khan Academy are so fun and helpful.

Two thigs I learned which I was struggling in the past was how to you all the html rules. The Khan Academy assignments help me a lot because it show me how the rules or elements where used and it show me if I was doing correctly and if I had a mistake it would tell me were the mistake was and how to fix. Also, I learned the difference between .html and .css. A .html is referred to the webpage you are creating and a .css is referred to your cascading style sheet.

A problem I have encountered while working on the assignment is, I was still struggling to know where to place the styles and element when I was creating my webpages assignments. The way that I resolved this problem is that I went back to Khan Academy and went through the assignment and saw how the elements and style were use and where they were place.

The big resource that I have used for this course is Khan Academy. I really like Khan Academy. It was the most helpful one for me to use and I would use it again in the future. Also, I used That one was useful too to me.