Heading 1

Before starting this course I had no ideas about how a web page is made what you had to do inorder to have it post online. This was all new to me, but I am excited to learn about the process. This all looks very interesting and a little difficult to do, nevertheless I’m excited to learn more. The way I would explain this course to someone is, the basics of how to code a web page. Also what someone has to go through inorder to get their web page published on the web to let everyone see.

Throughout the course I learned a lot of the two that stood out the most had to be. Module 9 how pages are laid out and how to organize your web page to make it look professional and easy to navigate. This is good to know I don't want my page to look bland or bad, knowing this skill is a big help.Another one was module 7, just to keep on the same topic of making your web pages look neat. Knowing how to change the font also keeps your page looking clean.

Having a well organized page with easy to read font can keep the user and make them keep coming back. I can’t really say I discovered any personal skill yet , most of what I’ve been doing has just been top listen to the video and try to remember the correct code and to look carefully at my code and make sure nothing is wrong or misplaced. I haven’t encountered any problems while working on assignments. Everything has been pretty easy and straightforward, I might get confused or lost on something but I eventually find out what to do. Some resources I’ve used were the youtube videos on the modules, these are really helpful and give me a better idea on what to do and code. I will keep using them because I like to have visual to learn something new.

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