Daniel Nachampassak| Internet Publishing Reflection

I’ve been taking the Internet Publishing Course since August. I learned so much from Internet Publishing. For example, I learned how to put paragraphs into a CSS file. Also, I learned how to put images, changing fonts and adding color into the CSS file. I was exposed to many things that Internet Publishing has to offer since then.

I didn’t have knowledge of Internet Publishing before taking this course but I know that each webpage URL ended in .com, .gov, .edu, .org, etc. During my internship at WRMN, I did a task similar to Internet Publishing where I had to create an ad script for different places across Cook County. I would explain Internet Publishing to someone is that you get to learn how web pages work and how they’re created. Also, I would explain Internet Publishing to someone that you learned how to create both an HTML and CSS file.

The two things that I learned from past assigned activities is if you want to put a list of ingredients to a CSS file, you have to use tr and td tags. I learned how to change fonts and add color into headings in the CSS file. It was hard to do it at first but once I got practice, it’s easy to change fonts and add color into headings.

The knowledge and skills that I discovered that will transfer to my future career is being creative when it comes to making web pages because you can do anything to make it stylish. Also, I learned how to interact with my classmates on discussion posts because I want to see how my classmates react to my discussion responses. I can use the sources skill for my future career because it teaches me how to research people correctly.

The problems that I had while doing the assignments for Internet Publishing is certain websites are blocked because I’m using a chromebook from a school district. Currently, I’m also a student in the CAP program which is a transition program in School District U-46. The second problem I’ve encountered while doing assignments for Internet Publishing is the placement of head tags and which tags that I can put a paragraph in the CSS file. The third problem I had is putting images into the CSS file. The solutions that I used to solve the problems that I had when completing assignments for Internet Publishing is I either ask my classmates for help or go back to the videos from Khan Academy and take some notes. Also, I can ask my CAP program teacher for more help.

The resources that I used to complete assignments for Internet Publishing are Caret, Khan Academy and the internet. Caret is the most helpful resource because it helps me how to put codes into a CSS file. Also, I like the videos that Khan Academy provides for each lesson because it helps me learn the steps on how to enter codes and editing codes. For example, Khan Academy teaches me how to add images into a CSS file. I would use both Khan Academy and Caret because they’re good resources to use for Internet Publishing but also it helps you explore the world of coding.

Source: ECC Website