To begin, I didn't know anything about Internet Publishing, so I was going in pretty much blind. If I could explain this course to someone, you'll learn the basic on how to make a website using HTML and CSS.

Just to name two things that I learn is really hard since everything in this course was to new. First div tag, this for me is one of the most important tags everyone should know. This is where you layout your website to have different information at different spots on the website. Another important thing I learned about HTML and CSS are classes/id. This also plays a major role in creating a website, and the reason for it, you may want a certain style for certain sections, so you use classes to group the sections together.

As I progress through the course, I learned a good amount of skills. One of them being is to have a eye for detail. Since HTML does't have error messages popping up if you misspell a class/id, forgot a end tag, or just do something wrong, it won't tell you whats wrong. So you have to look through the whole code and see what you did wrong or what you forgot. Another skill I learned is be to patient, cause if you're not you are going to do something stupid to code and make it worser. Just take your time and if you can't figure it out come back to it later, and you may just figure it out during your break.

The amount of errors I experience throughout the course, is too much to count. But to fix those errors I usally look them up on StackFlow. StackFlow is one website I use the most if I have any error while programming. I just look up what's my problem, and usally someone else had a similar problem, and I see what they did to fix and try to incorporate it to my code. Another website I use is W3schools. With this one it tells you what the function or tag does and gives you a example on how it works. Plus you're able to edit the example, so you could play around and test things.

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