FTP Assignment Connor Martin


I knew almost next to nothing about the subject of Internet Publishing, I didn't do anything like this before, I would tell them to go to college and go to a class.

I would tell them it is hard and than tell them to sign up for a class as I am not paid to teach them. I would also tell them about how I learned about HTML and how I learned about CSS.

I have discovered that I am horrible at coding without assistance but like everything else if someone helps me like Khan Academy I can do it. So I basically have cemented the idea that I am incapable of doing anything on my own.

Almost everything, I am god awful at coding and HTML and CSS. I am even worse off when I have to do it without any kind of layout done prior. I also had to use the internet, friends, family, accquintances. I used a lot of resources and wasted a lot of people's time.