Anthony Faciano

I did not know anything about the subject of Internet Publishing before I started this course. I was so confused as to why I got chosen to take internet publishing when I don’t know or understand anything about coding. I was like saying, “Oh my god. Why am I in this course? I don’t know anything about publishing websites and I don’t know how to code.” I actually have never done any similar kind of work in the past, but I have taken a computer class in seventh and eighth grade to learn how to type faster. That class was pretty tricky and confusing at first because I did not like the way I had to move my fingers all over the place when having to type specific keys and where to put them without looking at the keyboard. I got the hang of it overtime because now I can type out and turn in essays faster now than I used to, plus I don’t have to worry about writing essays out on paper.

I would explain this course to someone else by telling him or her to try and get all the assignments done by the due date, ask for extra help, and keep pushing. This class might be hard and confusing at first, but it gets slightly easier when you keep trying and asking for help when you need it. One of the things that I learned through completing the assigned activities was that some of the assignments and activities were hard, while others weren’t. Another thing that I learned and discovered was that some of the activities and assignments were actually sorta fun to do because you got to be creative while doing most of them.

The personal skills that I discovered during this experience that will might help me in the future is that I can be creative, use lists, and many paragraphs if I wanted to make my own website when I become a zoologist to show everyone out there my love for animals and how to help rescue and preserve them, even though I most likely will be doing that when I make my own wildlife documentary series on animals. Always put your creative and writing skills to the test when making websites. Try your best when publishing websites and try not to make so many mistakes with tags like I did, and I’ll be talking about that in the next paragraph.

The problems that I encountered was that there were times where I put in the wrong tags. Most of the time, I wasn’t sure where I went wrong when putting in the tags. I solved them by asking my teachers and classmates for help, including my college professor Mrs. Ray, or I’d go back to one of the Khan Academy videos to help me with an assignment.

In conclusion, the resources that I used were the CAP program teachers, which was mainly Mr. Massey, my classmates like Hunter, Mikey, and Jason, my college professor Mrs. Ray, and Google. The ones that were especially helpful are Mr. Massey, Jason, Hunter, Google, and Mrs. Ray.

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