Alexis Arellano Module 11 reflection

Course Reflection

elgin community college website

when i first started internet publishing i did not really know about the subject nor did i have any experience working with it, but taking this class has tought me alot about internet publishing that if i were able to make a website of my own i will understand what i need to do.

If i were able to explain to class to someone who wants to take this class or if they don't know what this class is, i will say to them it's basically making your own websites out of a word processor.

the two things i learned while taking this class is File Transport protocol or FTP for short which is the means of transferring files directly between computers on the internet usually between desktops and servers. Another lesson i learned are css comment tags which are used to add explanatory notes to the code or to prevent the browser from interpreting specific parts of the style sheet.

Skills that i acquire from this course is that i now understand basic webpage desgin ranging from starting HTML documents with a !DOCTYPE to external style sheet where you can keep the styles in separate css sheets.

There has been problems where i will forget the rules and will lead to fustration with me getting lost or confused on what i had to do. but what i do to get out of the situation was going either back to the previous modules or Khan academy to get a reminder on what i had to do. But other than that there really is no problems well except for the tests but i'll be honest i suck at taking test but i do make it up by doing the main assigments well.

The biggest resource that helped me with this course was Khan academy it helped me understand more on what i had to do when i do the assigments on their site but also the other assigments where we have to make a webpage by ourselves.